“Black coffee” reduces the risk of cirrhosis – fatty liver.

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 Coffee lover , Coffee is really beneficial to the body. but must be black coffee and must eat properly.The Bureau of Nutrition , Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health states that. Black coffee is rich in foliphenol an antioxidant. Coffee intake was significantly associate with a 35% lower incidence of liver fibrosis. Which in turn reduce the risk of cirrhosis.

"Black coffee" reduces the risk of cirrhosis - fatty liver.

Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of coffee/day has a lower risk of developing fatty liver than drinking 2 cups/day. So regular coffee consumption was significantly associated with a reduced risk of fat loss liver mask. But other epidemiological factors still UFABET need to be studied.

Precautions for drinking coffee

However, drinking large quantities of coffee at once may cause palpitations. A temporary increase in blood pressure restless and can’t sleep If on days that you do not drink. You will feel tired, lethargic, not refreshed or not energetic. Which in a day should not drink more than 3-4 cups of coffee or receive no more than 300-400 mg of caffeine. In addition, it should select Black coffee replaces coffee with regular sugar and creamer. Because it may get too much energy and fat will result in weight gain or obesity.