Tips for packing your moving house

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Tips for packing your moving house. Furniture with drawers, such as cabinets and desks, should be disassembled and wrapped separately. The furniture that cannot be disassembled or furniture with sliding doors or doors wrap it with stretch film Or use a rope around the handle for easy transport. In addition, you should find paper or plastic cushions attached to the corners. for safe transport 

For those who move house often for whatever reason Buying furniture that meets the needs of moving It will help you not to be tired. and save more energy in moving house Recommended to use custom made furniture with features in light weight Easy to remove, it will help lighten and not take up space on the transport vehicle. It also helps with moving. Easy to reassemble No need to be tired on the day of the new house as well.

2. Electrical appliances

electric appliance packing should be packed into boxes that have been packed since the factory. It will help protect electrical appliances from damage during transportation the best. But if there is no factory box. It may be used as a rather thick cardboard box. and add cushioning material like cushioning foam beads Shock-proof plastic (bubble) or newspaper paper firmly to prevent the electrical appliances from shaking.

3. Glassware

Glassware or fragile items such as vases should be wrapped in newspaper. or plastic cushioning and sticking with masking tape for tightness before packing into a paper box or plastic box Don’t forget to add some cushioning or newsprint to avoid rocking. bumping each other inside the box while moving

For the technique of moving plates and bowls in a divine way is to put paper plates or foam plates alternately with our containers before packing them into boxes. That’s all, it will help cushioning it. 

In addition, the box containing the glassware or fragile items There should be a special symbol Such as post-it or colored masking tape, put it on the day of moving to be extra careful.

4. Clothes

Suitcases are the perfect choice for storing clothes. If it’s a suitcase with wheels, it will help you save a lot of effort on the day of transport. As for clothes, start with clothes that are rarely worn at the bottom. And the clothes you use often, put them on top or split into 2 bags, it will be easier to remove.

Non-foldable garments, such as suits, jackets, or silk dresses. Find a bag to cover your shirt. or a large plastic bag covering the hangers On the day of transport, it will be convenient to hang with the car It helps prevent the fabric from creasing as well.

5. Books

Bookworms with large piles of books Keep books of similar size in the same box. It is recommended to separate into several small boxes because the book is quite heavy. If combined into a single box, it will be difficult to move. 

Another device that makes transporting books easier is a suitcase. With a large size, it can hold a lot of books. It also has wheels to move without having to lift yourself too hard. It saves a lot of labor and saves time.

6. Shoes

Shoes should be stored in a shoe box. and should not be kept in the same box or stacking shoes to prevent shoes from deforming If there are drawers that are placed Or do you already have a shoe cabinet? It is recommended to store shoes in the closet. Then wrap the cabinet with stretch film or string, it will save more time in packing.

7. Sharp objects

Every sharp thing Should be wrapped together in plastic, paper or newspaper before each time. Then store it in a box or zip lock bag. for safety while moving

8. Power cord, three-eye plug

power cord or three-prong plug Keep it by winding the power cord into the plug. Then tie it with wire or tape and store it in a box. Don’t forget to attach a separate notepad. On the day of moving, you will be careful not to let the power plug get in the water. 

9. Pillows, blankets, dolls

Pillows, blankets, dolls are recommended to be placed in a large plastic bag. will help prevent dust and prevent contamination from various stains during the move

10. Mirror, picture frame

The way to transport the glass and picture frame so that it doesn’t break is to paste a cross-shaped masking tape onto the glass and cover it with protective plastic. or newspaper It will help prevent breakage the best. 

11. Other

Other parts such as personal belongings and kitchen utensils should be kept in a zip-lock bag for the most convenient and quickest way to transport. and when organizing new items, medicines or cosmetics To be stored separately in an opaque bag. do not expose to sunlight to maintain the quality of medicines and cosmetics