Reheating food on a gas stove/electric stove

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Reheating frozen food on a gas stove can be a bit tricky. Because the food must be poured into a pot or pan, heated, and then poured into a bowl again. This may be inconvenient for some people who do not have a kitchen. But I must admit that this method of reheating frozen food. It’s a way to prevent food from losing its deliciousness. The taste of food will remain the same. It’s almost no different from freshly cooked food.

Reheating food on a gas stove/electric stove

How to heat food on a gas stove/electric stove : Once the food is poured into a pan or pot, heat it up. The temperature is 60-70 degrees Celsius. Also cook until boiling while warming must be stirred or mixed with food. to distribute heat evenly and takes 10-15 minutes to warm up.

Good tip for reheating food on a gas/electric stove : Frozen food can lose moisture while it is stored in the refrigerator. So add a small amount of water when warming food in a pot or pan on a gas stove. It will help the food to be soft and moist, returning the deliciousness to your favorite dishes easily.

Choosing a pot or pan for warming food is equally important. The pot or pan used should be made of good quality food grade materials to ensure safety. will also help keep food fresh And it’s even more delicious.

Reheating food with gas / electric stove Suitable for : Meat, boiled food, curry, fried food, rice, noodles, pasta