Plan for your equipment ready before moving house.

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Plan for your equipment ready before moving house. Planning in advance ufabet will help make your real day home move less tiring. First, plan a checklist for what needs to be moved. Then prepare to find packing equipment to make the transport more convenient!

Plan for your equipment ready

Packing equipment that you should have when packing for moving house include:

  • Ziplock bags are a versatile tool that comes in handy. and easy to use Have a ziplock bag ready for small items. such as stationery Kitchen utensils such as spoons, spoons, forks, chopsticks (except knives), cosmetics, etc., are packaged in separate categories, easy to carry, and easy to organize in the new house.
  • Stretch film is used for wrapping cabinets with drawers, wrapping refrigerators or wrapping paper boxes to prevent the drawer from opening during transport.  
  • Paper boxes for packing It is advisable to use old, used boxes, which will save you money instead of buying new ones. But if the existing paper box is too disintegrated or damaged. Better buy a new one or buy a used paper box from the store. 
  • Post-it is used to paste on mark boxes to differentiate categories of devices. will help in the process of car arrangement including the process of dismantling when going to a new home So that you don’t have to mess around looking for things until you waste time.
  • Adhesive tape for sticking the cardboard box firmly for easy and harmless transport. It May buy masking tape in different colors to separate categories of boxes instead of using Post-it. It is also used to paste glass. Prevents glass breakage during transport.
  • Rope for tying paper boxes to secure, tying dishes, bowls or other equipment. 
  • Paper plates / foam plates Techniques for packing plates, tiles, plates, glass plates help prevent plates from breaking during transport.
  • Newspaper for wrapping dishes, glasses, vases, sharp objects and tools. 
  • Shock-proof plastic or shock-proof foam for packing particularly delicate items such as glass, vases, glass, etc. 

In addition to preparing equipment to pack. If any house that needs to move the refrigerator as well. It is recommended to defrost in the refrigerator early on the day of transport. There is no need to waste time waiting for the ice to melt.