How to choose Insurance Which one is better to choose?

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How to choose Insurance Which one is better to choose? Working age can be called the age where you have to take full responsibility for yourself. which is the first priority to be considered. When starting to step into this age, how do you plan your finances? to have something to eat and able to create a body. Some people who work without pensions. The more you need to plan for money after retirement, one more step is health and accidents that may occur at any time.

How to choose Insurance

One of the stability that working age people can give themselves is insurance. Many people may be addicted to the image of annoying insurance salespeople. Walking around the house, waiting to buy insurance. But believe me It’s insurance will help to strengthen stability reduce the burden of expenses When you have an unexpected accident need emergency medical treatment, fire or even sudden departure 

Today, OfficeMate will show you how to choose insurance. What kind of insurance should we buy for working people? to cover expenses and get the most worthwhile return

start a new job Which insurance to choose? (20 years old)

Young graduates in the age of First Jobber who have just started working for a long time. Must have savings, emergency funds, which may not have much money to send insurance. And probably still don’t have to worry about death as much as accident or illness. 

At this age, it is advisable to Savings insurance It is insurance that comes in the form of savings combined with life protection. We are obliged to send the security deposit. (Insurance premium) equal amount every month or every year (depending on the policy). Savings insurance is available in both short-term protection for 3-5 years to 25-30 years. The insurance company will refund the portion of the premium that we send every month, as if creating a discipline of saving in itself or if we were born suddenly. The family or the person whose name is the beneficiary of the policy will also receive that amount. In addition, if the insurance is a savings account with more than 10 years of coverage, it can also be used as a tax deduction. 

Another insurance that I would like to recommend to the working age is health insurance, which will help lighten the burden of expenses in case of illness. including an accident or even death So you don’t have to have a headache with medical expenses. And people at this age still bear the burden of health insurance premiums that are not very high as well. (Health insurance often increases insurance premiums with age.)

Been working for a while have a modest amount of savings Which insurance to choose? (30 years old)

when working for a while At this age, many people may plan to have a family, a house, a car, which means having more responsibilities. The insurance that we would like to recommend is life insurance or term life insurance. It will be useful when we die, our children, family or the latter will also benefit from our life insurance. 

In addition, may be associated with health insurance. Tied to life insurance So that health insurance will have a long lasting effect as it protects us until we are old enough.

Another insurance that I would recommend for people in their 30s who are building their bodies. Build a family and build a house. Mortgage Protection Life Insurance (MRTA) will help cover the burden of home and residence payments. If the borrower dies or become a person with permanent disability until unable to accept the burden of the house loan anymore reduce the risk and increase stability To ensure that our family will still have a home to live in. no matter what happens

For people over the age of 30 who have children. They may prepare to buy insurance for their children. Such as health insurance or accident insurance. It will help lighten the burden of expenses. If your child has to stay in the hospital for several days or choose income compensation insurance to reduce the risk in the event of an accident.

working until near retirement Which insurance to choose? (50 years old)

Near retirement age, late 40s to early 50s. If there are children, they may be old enough to be able to take care of themselves. What people at this age should start planning is money for retirement. For pensioners, there may not be much concern at this point. But for lifelong freelancers, trading, working in the office, etc. They may need to prepare money to spend on days when they can’t work hard anymore.

The insurance that I would recommend for people at this age is pension life insurance. It is considered a good helper in creating stability for life after retirement and guarantee that.  After retirement, we will have regular income from without having to depend on our children. 

But if you want to have a lump sum of money to use after playing a ufabet online retirement or enhancing your life after retirement to be more stable and comfortable. It is recommended to start saving early or prepare to invest in other parts. Such as investments with various mutual funds. It will help us to save money and have dividends to be able to spend in the future.