Let’s get to know Clubhouse

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Let’s get to know ‘Clubhouse’, a new community. Anyone who wants to use it must be invited! At this time, no one knows about ‘Clubhouse’, a new, hot and trending app. Today, ufabet takes a look at the Clubhouse app with some interesting information. And the main features that make Clubhouse get the attention of a large number of people. Let me tell you that don’t miss it. If you want to talk to other people! Let’s go see.

Let's get to know Clubhouse

What is a Clubhouse?

Clubhouse , a new application first released in May 2020, is a speech-only platform. people within the app able to listen to the discussion and exchange opinions Or you can assume the role of a conversationalist.

Talking topics ranged from technology, business, finance, music, movies, love, to karaoke. which we can choose according to our interests In the chat room there is only audio, no pictures, no video. Suitable for people who like to talk but don’t like to express themselves, simply called Clubhouse. It is like a small talk, similar to listening to a live podcast or watching a solo microphone without face.

How can I use Clubhouse ?

Want to play Clubhouse, easy to start. Just download the app (now Clubhouse is only available for IOS), but unlike other apps, Clubhouse is already downloaded. Yes, it will work immediately. because if there is no invitation from friends app This is useless…

In order to play Clubhouse, we need to receive invitations from friends. Our players who already play Clubhouse and our friends have a quota to invite only 2 friends to play Clubhouse. In order to invite friends to play, you need to have a contact or a contact phone number. It is an app. The very exclusive community reserves invitations to send invitations only to people who know or are really close to each other. 

For anyone who wants to play Clubhouse, prepare to download the app. Complete user registration Then nudge your best friend to send you an invitation to join the Clubhouse.