Techniques to suppress anger

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Techniques to suppress anger, hot-headed, irritable easily, calm down in 5 minutes.

When someone comes to make us dissatisfied and dissatisfied. The first thing that comes to mind and mind is anger. But to curse or curse, it wouldn’t be very good. Because the risk of causing violence and bigger problems can follow. It makes us choose to suppress our emotions inside and become stressed ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could suppress our anger? Without having to worry about things that irritate us and cause stress, let’s take a look at “Anger Control Techniques” to cool and calm your mind in 5 minutes– Count from one to ten in your mind.

Popular ways to calm your mind When feeling irritable to the extreme, ready to scream at any time I took a deep breath. and count from one to ten in your mind
If you count to ten, your heart has not yet calmed down. keep counting until you feel calmer If the heart that was beating fast a moment began to slow down to normal. I feel calmer and more conscious now. So he decided to solve the problem in front of him.

– Take a deep breath

taking a deep breath and hold our consciousness by reciting it in our hearts, collapse, swell, swell, and it will pass It will help us a lot, just like counting numbers in our hearts. It also makes us feel comfortable breathing full of lungs. good blood circulation In the end, the resentment that you have will go away on its own. Try it.

– Go to the bathroom and wash your face.

getting cold water Masquerading his face when he was angry. It will help us cool down. It’s also a walk out of place. make us dull It looks like walking away from a problem or walking out without a hit. But it’s better than having to live in uncomfortable places and make us upset.

– vent to someone

Having a good friend or someone who is ready to listen and support you. considered one of happiness When you feel bad, you can complain to a close friend. express your feelings to him Maybe it will give us good encouragement. And good advice is fine, but there is a caveat: don’t be upset with your friends instead.