WAY to get of the brain focus of work

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WAY to get of the brain focus of work. Anyone who has a stubborn brain lately, can’t figure out how to work. Today, Goodlife would like to share 4 little ways to help us figure things out. Some brains flow Let’s try to follow a simple method. Let’s see these in case it will help you! What will be there to see?

clean the desk

Yes, we’ll start a good job with a neat desk. Ready to work together for a long time If anyone is not motivated to work, try to waste a bit of time to keep the table clean. And every time after work is done, it will be stored properly, it will help us to be ready to work more next time. It also helps the symptoms of refusing to work, can’t think of work, and turns to collect all over the room. All over the house as well.

Go out to breathe some air outside.

Because most of our work tends to focus on the computer screen. or the book whether from the book Or various documents, it makes us have brain fatigue. How are you dizzy? Let’s add oxygen to the brain by going outside to breathe some air. And don’t forget to turn to look at the trees. a few green leaves It will help us feel more relaxed. more fresh and help reduce the symptoms of not being able to work Along with creating rejuvenation for us more than ever as well.

Listening to music is effective.

Another great way to help you when you’re out of ideas is to If we can’t go out have to sit in the office Sit at your desk Playing music is effective. such as when we are sleepy until the brain is completely dull Maybe try to turn on some fun music. Any help we need to find inspiration, try listening to music that has a good meaning. It will help us to work more enjoyable. But if we feel that listening to music secretly interferes with our work, but still want to listen to music. Just try the blood of international music. or songs in a different language It will reduce the interest in the lyrics even more. so that we can focus more on work

Don’t let the water lack Sipping often is incredibly helpful. 

Believe that we all know that in 1 day, our body should get enough water, which will fall to 1.5 – 2 liters or a simple hit is 8 glasses, but what does it help in our thinking work? Aren’t you coming out? The answer is help. It helps a lot too. Because our bodies will lose water almost all the time. The more you sit in an air-conditioned room, the more dry your throat is. Sipping “water” will help add water to our body. Both help make our blood vessels have the strength to feed the brain more. Help us to be more refreshed wake up Bright eyes too. Which we can eat it all, whether it’s water, cold, or at room temperature or warm water, but the water that will help us to be incredibly refreshing is the water at room temperature that we are here. It’s actually more refreshing and soothing than other drinks. It is said to be extremely healthy.