Module in Bullet Journal

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Module in Bullet Journal. Module is a structure of note taking. This will help us organize our lives and prioritize things more easily and efficiently. They are divided into 4 types:

Module in Bullet Journal
  • Future Log , taking both short-term and long-term planning in advance, such as vacations, trips abroad, etc.
  • Monthly Log records monthly. It is similar to making a planner. Able to make a schedule as a calendar and save the to-do list.
  • Weekly Log records weekly. 
  • Daily Log records daily.  

All 4 structures can be mixed together, for example, take Monthly Log together with Future Log etc. 

Rapid Logging and Modules are just a guide to note taking. These elements can be mixed into our bujo pages. Or you can come up with your own rules of writing in a way that we can read and understand alone as well. Because the most important thing in Bullet Journal is to unleash your imagination. 

The more we put creativity or how much imagination goes into our bujo Taking notes will be even more fun. It also gives us more motivation to follow the planned plans as well. Many bujo shooters, in addition to recording what needs to be done. Daily moods are also recorded. The amount of water you drink, food you eat, quotes, movies you watch or music you listen to decorated with drawing polaroid photo or favorite stickers. That’s it, just open it and read it or go back and look at it and be happy. It also encourages the desire to create notes on the next page as well.