Color psychology for Bedroom

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Color psychology for Bedroom. The bedroom is a very important part of the house. After we work hard Tired from work or tasks all day long. sleeping well in the bedroom Will help increase life force, both physically, mentally. Which in addition to the bed and soft pillows bedroom environment like the color of the bedroom. It’s also involved in sleep. Anyone who has problems with insomnia. Try to choose a bedroom color according to the psychology of color. to help you get a good night’s sleep.

 Color psychology for Bedroom

Things to consider before choosing a bedroom color

Choose bedroom color with theory 60 : 30 : 10

It is a theory to choose paint colors in the bedroom that are not boring. It also makes the bedroom beautiful. and has a more pleasant atmosphere Divided into 3 parts according to the ratio, 60% is the paint on the walls and ceiling in the bedroom, 30% is the paint on the wall at the headboard or at the end of the bed in the bedroom, and 10% is the paint for doors, window frames, cornices. Floor, ceiling, ceiling in the bedroom, which in these 3 parts can mix between warm and cool colors as you like.

Do not paint the bedroom all white.

If according to feng shui principles Using pure white to paint the interior of the bedroom is not a good idea. because all white color cannot keep chi energy But scientifically white is the color that reflects the color of other objects in the bedroom the most. until it can result in insomnia and may have health problems

Choose paint colors in the bedroom with cool colors as the main.

According to research, people sleeping in bedrooms painted in cool tones. Sleeping more deeply and longer than those who slept in other painted bedrooms. Such as blue and green, which, on average, were bedrooms painted in cool tones. This will allow you to sleep soundly for up to 8 hours.