What can I play in the Clubhouse?

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What can I play in the Clubhouse? Once invited by a friend, register and create your own Clubhouse profile. We can find friends to follow from our Contact mobile number. And we can also choose to follow interesting people from Clubhouse’s recommendations. Which are based on our personal preferences that Clubhouse collects at the start.

Within the Clubhouse we can play two roles: ‘Play the Speaker’ and ‘Play the Listener’.

Olomouc, Czech Republic – February 2, 2021: Clubhouse app or application on the mobile with headphones or earphones, communication app through the world

Play as a speaker

for the speaker You can create your own chat room. and then set issues that can be discussed in this room The issue can be chosen as you like. (But be careful of sensitive issues. For example, create a room for mutual fund discussions, tell ghost stories, or create a room to share heartbreaking experiences. Or let other people exchange Discuss on that issue. There are 3 types of chat rooms created by the speaker:

  • Open Room : A room open to everyone in the Clubhouse to listen. Or come together to discuss the issue.
  • Social room : A room reserved for only those who follow us (Follower) only. 
  • Closed room : The most exclusive private room. who can enter this room Only the people we invite

Play as listener

For those who do not like to talk, but like to listen, you can press into different rooms. to listen to the talking points that interest themselves And if you listen to it and have an opinion you want to share, press the ‘Raise Your Hand’ button to wait for the owner of the room to allow us to speak. Or, if you’re bored and uninteresting, press the ‘Leave quietly’ button to silently fade out of the room. and find a new, more interesting room instead.

The exclusivity that made Clubhouse so popular in no time.

In addition to being an app Providing a new form of entertainment. Clubhouse also brings people closer together. From having to punt to a seminar or buy an entrance ticket to hear our favorite people. It can now be listened to in a live Clubhouse (in case that celebrity uses Clubhouse). come to play Lots of discussions to share. Clubhouse discussions remain private, unrecorded, not recorded. and no retrospective If you want to listen, you have to listen live. Exchange opinions in real time which is interesting because in everyday life to talk to famous people or strangers on issues of common interest are difficult to achieve.

Another thing that caught the attention of Clubhouse. A lot of people have created a chat room to discuss the topic, namely, talking without moving images. All you need to do is prepare a discussion topic. No lighting, set-up, props, or costumes are required. The audience’s attention is focused on the content and entertainment the speaker creates. Cut out anything that might distract you. Adding value to issues in the room to talk more. It also helps people who want to express their opinions but are less confident or nervous when speaking in front of a lot of people Dare to talk and dare to comment more as well.