Tonali admits to betting on his own team’s Milan game.

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Sandro Tonali is more likely to be banned more severely than Nicolo Fagioli because of the interrogation. Admitted that he placed a bet on a game that AC Milan would play.

Tonali is being questioned by Turin prosecutors. and the Italian Football Federation Charged with violating gambling rules during his time. As an AC Milan player before moving to Newcastle United last summer UFABET 

Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian outlet reported that. Tonali traveled to give evidence to Turin prosecutors on Tuesday afternoon. He had previously been questioned by Giusepepe Chine. Prosecutor of the Italian Football Federation. Been there twice since last week. The information that has been disclosed is Italian national team midfielder. Placed a bet on the game that Milan competed in as well.

Tonali revealed that bets were placed on games that Milan played only when he was not on the field. This will require checking historical data. If the claims are true, the 23-year-old midfielder would not be in breach of or tampering. With Section 30 of the Sports Code of Conduct. Because it has no influence on the game.

However, Tonali placed bets on his own agency’s games. As a result, the penalty will be a minimum ban of 3 years. Definitely higher than Fagioli’s because the Juventus midfielder actually bet on football games. But from the information that appears, there is no betting on one’s own team. As a result, the actual ban that must be received is 7 months and a fine of 12,500 euros.

But still With Tonali’s cooperation, a confession was negotiated and the need to receive treatment for gambling addiction. The penalty can be reduced in half or more. It depends on whether the testimony matches the information received from the investigation or not.