Preserve food by maintaining freshness of ingredients.

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Preserve food by keeping it at low temperatures.

Keeping Fresh Food at Low Temperatures It is the best food preservation and prolonging the life of raw materials. Because low temperatures can slow down and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Even if only temporarily. But it’s long enough for us to use up all the ingredients. before those raw materials are spoiled There are two types of low temperature preservation, namely refrigeration and freezing. 

Preserve food by maintaining freshness of ingredients.

For chilling will help slow down the growth of microorganisms. The food should be at a temperature between -1 and 8 degrees Celsius, suitable for food preservation such as vegetables, fruits and meat. Freezing will lower the temperature of the food below the freezing point. This causes the water in the food to solidify into crystals. until microorganisms cannot use water to grow Helps to inhibit the growth of microorganisms as well Frozen food can be stored longer than chilled food. Frozen ingredients include seafood, meat, and fruit.  

Preserve food by keeping it out of the air. 

Air is another culprit that spoils food. It also makes the food smell rancid. Keeping food out of the air will help prevent odors and mold. It also helps to maintain the taste, smell and color of raw materials. can be taken as well 

There are two ways to keep food out of the air: in a zip-lock bag or a box with a lid. At present, there are also vacuum storage boxes available for purchase as well. Another method is to store them in bags and use a vacuum sealer. Suck out all the air inside the bag to prevent microorganisms from using air to grow. Food sealing is common in department stores or supermarket. Because this method makes it easier to sell, transport, and the food keeps the food for sale longer. 

Another thing to keep food fresh for longer is to store food in boxes. or use a vacuum sealer and then refrigerate/freeze. It will help extend the life and preserve food to last longer. Any housewife who likes to shop for fresh things to keep in large quantities. Make sure to apply this method. will be able to store raw materials for a long time Not spoiled until you have to pay for free.