How to preserving food by processing

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Preserving food by drying

How to preserving food by processing. The first method of food preservation is drying the food. Drying will help remove water and moisture from the food. not allow microorganisms to grow It is considered to be processed to prolong life. not spoiled food Drying can be used for many foods. Both meat and fruit that are often seen are dried meat, sun-dried pork, dried squid, dried banana, etc. This method is considered an easy way to preserve food. They also get new food menus. Good taste that can be kept for a long time.    

How to preserving food by processing

Preserving food by smoking

Smoking is also the principle of removing water and moisture from food. but will add flavor and more aroma Suitable for meat dishes. The method is to build a fire and then hang the food. Or use a grill to put it over the fire. Let the heat and smoke help the food dry and cook slowly.  

Preserve food with sugar. 

Sugar, a common condiment that many households are attached to the house But it is a wonderful tool that has been used to preserve food since ancient times. It will diffuse into the microbial cells in that food as well, causing the microbial cells to swell. poisoning until microorganisms can no longer grow thus helping to preserve food Not to spoil it.

Processing for food preservation Most people use granulated sugar because it is cheap and easy to find. But another reason is that granulated sugar is protein- and fat-free. It is also a raw material that does not contain nutrients for microorganisms to use for growth.

sugar preservation In addition to making food last longer It also allows us to come up with new food or desserts such as taro glaze, banana syrup, strawberry jam. candied mango and many others, but be careful, sugar is a substance that provides high energy If consumed a lot It can cause obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. 

Preserving food by pickling

Pickling uses certain microorganisms that are harmless to humans fermented into food. The microorganisms produce certain substances that can inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. It has become a new menu that has a strange smell and taste. There are sour pickled, salty pickled, sweet pickled or three-flavor pickled. Pickled foods can also be used as raw materials for other dishes as well.