6 tips on how to wash clothes

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keep cleaning washing machine It helps the clothes smell better. 

dirty washing machine is the first factor that makes washing clothes not as clean as they should be because the washing machine has never been cleaned. There may be dirt or mixed with bacteria causing the clothes to be washed with a musty smell from bacteria attached cleaning the washing machine can be done easily. Just put the detergent into the empty bucket and turn on the washing machine to work. At least once a week when the washing machine is cleaner. It will help the clothes that have been washed have a longer lasting scent anyway. 

if someone lives in a dormitory who needs to use a shared washing machine from a laundromat. It is recommended to clean the filter bag part. by removing and pouring garbage or dirt out in order not to leave any debris Down to stick on our clothes there. 

Easy to wash clothes Just separate the clothes before washing. 

Many people may already wash color and white clothes separately. But if you want to wash clothes to make the fragrance last longer We recommend washing your workout clothes, towels, wet clothes separately from your work clothes and pajamas to prevent odors, sweat, humidity or stains from getting on your other clothes. This will make the clothes smell musty. And if it’s good, it should be separated from the fabric basket at all. 

or if it is not convenient to wash separately Another way to do this is to remove soiled clothes. or sweat-scented workout clothes Soak it in water for about 30 minutes, then rub gently to make the smell and stain fade away, then wash it with other clothes. It will help make clothes cleaner and more fragrant.  

I want my clothes to smell good on my nose. need to wash more often

Washing multiple clothes at a time may save time and money. For people who use the washing machine service, but the disadvantage is that the clothes will not be clean. and the smell is not as good as it should be Wearing clothes that have been worn for a long time also cause bacteria to accumulate Which is the cause of the bad smell as well, so wash it often. and washing little at a time This will allow the detergent and fabric softener to work at their best. Access to all clothes keeps clothes clean and the fragrance lasts longer It also dries clothes quickly. 

Dry the clothes in a well-ventilated place.

How to dry clothes It will help the fabric smell better as well. Usually, drying clothes in the strong sunlight. Will help the fabric dry quickly, reduce musty smell and smell the sun, but in the rainy season. If you can’t dry the clothes outdoors then find an area that is well ventilated. Dry at a sufficient distance between each other. If drying clothes in the room should open the room door or leave the window slightly ajar to allow enough air to enter, or may use a fan / air compressor to help blow. It will dry the cloth quickly. and can help reduce musty smell.

Make your clothes smell good with detergent and fabric softener. Formula to reduce musty smell

The most important thing to make your laundry smells good is detergent and fabric softener. There are many brands that can help reduce bacteria. and reduce musty smell Plus. There are many scents to choose from as you like. Some brands also make detergents and fabric softeners for indoor drying. To solve the problem of washing clothes in the rainy season as well