The benefits of vitamin E that you may not have known before.

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Vitamin E is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for the body. However, our body cannot create vitamin E on its own. Therefore, it must be obtained from eating certain foods, such as nuts, seeds, wheat germ, and vegetable oils such as soybean oil or olive oil. In some cases, it may also be obtained from taking synthetic vitamin E supplements.

Has many benefits for the body, as follows:  UFABET  

1. Has antioxidant properties.

Free radicals in the human body are a major factor that. Cause cell inflammation and damage, and may lead to chronic diseases. Such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Supplementing Which has antioxidant properties, may help prevent these chronic diseases.

2. Helps strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin E is one of the important nutrients that helps stimulate the immune system to work effectively. Getting the right amount of vitamin E that the body needs will help strengthen the immune system and may allow the body to fight germs, bacteria or viruses that cause various diseases better, especially diseases caused by respiratory infections such as the flu or  allergies.

3. Helps nourish the skin.

The oil on our skin contains, which helps retain moisture in the skin. Adding to the skin will increase the amount of oil on the skin and allow the skin to retain moisture better. In addition, is an antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from damage, so it may also help to slow down premature aging.

4. Helps reduce menstrual pain. 

Vitamin E may be effective in reducing menstrual cramps. Because its antioxidant properties may help reduce the production of prostaglandins, which are a major cause of menstrual cramps. 

Additionally, a study of 100 women with menstrual cramps found that those who took supplement along with an omega-3 supplement  daily had less menstrual cramps than those who did not.